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The Naked Truth. My Resolutions for 2016

Miss Pocket Money-Vanessa Cameron

Happy New Year to everyone! It’s been a goodie (despite the rain) and hopefully all of you also had a great festive season.

So here we are again, January. Rain (when will it stop?) Christmas packed up and quite possibly, a rather feeble bank balance.

However before you switch off don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a lecture on financial management, better planning and how not to do the Christmas shopping next year (M&S foodhall being strictly off bounds).

For January is the time for fresh thinking and new starts, n’est pas?!

So here we go, I’m putting it out there, here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2016…

Number 1; Focus. This is a biggie for me. I’m one of those people who tends to be distracted easily, a great starter but not always brilliant at finishing things. Must try harder.

Number 2;  Eat better. I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater but hey, bad habits creep up and in easily. Less coffee wouldn’t go amiss and a bit more green stuff to even up the carb loading stores would be good.

Number 3; Shout Less. I do, at times turn into an involuntary shouter, normally when my children are snapping at my heels. My mother refers to this behaviour as being a ‘fishwife’ which is enough motivation to stop me in my tracks alone. Nonetheless need to keep calm and flap less.

Number 4; Improve my backhand. No not a slapping technique but the tennis shot. I love tennis and play every week all year round. I’m determined 2016 is the year for the eye watering Cameron backhand to come into its own. Note to self, get a coach.

Number 5; Finally my last resolution – but by no means the least, is to keep pushing my beloved Qwiddle onwards and upwards.

Still in its infancy it’s taken more out of me that I could have imagined but I’ve loved every minute of it and its been incredibly rewarding.

I’m looking forward to 2016 being an even bigger year for us as we help parents teach their children better money habits they can keep for life with our online piggy bank.

I would love to know if you have any interesting resolutions or if you manage to keep them,  so drop in a comment. I’m always good for a chat!

Vanessa x

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