Miss Pocket Money

About Miss Pocket Money

Miss Pocket Money: Vanessa Cameron, founder of Qwiddle,entrepreneur and mum of three will be bringing you the latest on money matters and ways to save, interviews with entrepreneurs, fashion finds and days out and holidays in the UK and abroad that are value for money.

More about Vanessa:

After nearly two decades at Barclays Bank managing and developing people and driving performance, she set up her own business consultancy in 2000, working with a range of organisations from large PLC’s including Halifax, Abbey National, Mars Pedigree and GNER through to public sector and SME’s.

Her work increasingly focused on helping business leaders and executive teams embrace cultural change, new business models and develop business strategy to achieve success. Two years ago she began to develop the concept, business model, ethos and brand that has become “Qwiddle”.

Vanessa has three lively boys aged 9, 12 and 16, bags of tenacity and drive, and excess energy that she works off with her love of sport

Top Money Saving Tips:

My ethos around money starts from within us, my hints and tips will follow, our heart and minds need to be in tuned first.

I believe every child needs the opportunity to think about what they want in life. Whether that is to buy their first piece of lego, learn to play the piano, go to university or become the Prime Minister. The world has become a small place with the creation of the internet. So much is in our reach and indeed at our finger tips.

Life is a journey and by learning from a young age about opportunities, choices and priorities will help our children focus on things that matter most. We are all capable of achieving exactly what we want IF we want it badly enough.

I want to reach out to every child, to every family and to help them learn this. Money is a really important piece of life’s jigsaw, often seen as the glue. Yes, there are many life skills that need to be mastered however in this fast moving world it has become quite clear that to manage your money GIVES you choices, allows you to prioritise and helps focus on things you really want.

Talk to your children about money.

The very first step – help them create goals and focus on things that are important to them.